315mm high


longest side   360mm

shortest side  310mm


After acquiring the original licenses, Rozier was able to focus on the production. "All items are mainly designed and produced in Belgium by different specialized workshops, because we believe this adds to the authenticity and tradition. Moreover, we ensure that the furniture is assembled by the same methods as previously used."

LOSTNFOUND was launched in the Autumn edition of Designmarkt ICC Ghent on 9 and 10 NOV 2013. The first reproduction was the iconic set of three Willy Van der Meeren boomerang tables in black, red and grey. Each table can also be purchased separately.

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Belgian modernist design has always been of international quality, but unfortunately has not received significant international appraisal untill now.

Frederic Rozier explains: "Many iconic pieces such as lamps and furniture created by leading Belgian designers are only celebrated by a relatively small  group of design enthusiasts. Although it is great that many people know Eames,  only a few have ever heard of Willy Van der Meeren which really is a shame. I started LOSTNFOUND because of my sheer love for design and concern for the disappearance of Belgian heritage. The main idea is to draw attention to Belgian designers, not only in Belgium but also abroad through reproducing their best mid-century modern designs.”

Rozier continues: "We start with Renaat Braem, Willy Van der Meeren, and will proceed to other great Belgian modernist designers. Many of them were also architects, because in those days architects did not only design the house, but also decorated the interior with commisioned furniture. Hence, the idea to recreate some of these designs under the label LOSTNFOUND, enabling them to feature in the interior of mid-century modern design enthusiasts.

Rozier visited Lucien Engels and the families of other architect/designers such as Renaat Braem to  determine what the modernist designers thought about the whole idea.. "We received a warm welcome and I also felt that there was a mutual sense of deep respect. Lucien Engels and the family of Renaat Braem also told me that I was the first whom had proposed to undertake such an endeavor . Never before had they received this question."

Long forgotten Belgian 20th C design classics reproduced


345mm high


longest side   400mm

shortest side  360mm



375mm high


longest side    460mm

shortest side   410mm


launching offer 599€/set